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GPS Excavation

gps-2Complete Irrigation Solutions has adopted GPS technology for digging trenches for irrigation pipes. GPS provides the excavator with precise information ensuring excavation is undertaken with the greatest possible level of accuracy.
GPS steering and positioning has been around for some time, but use of this precision technology is set to revolutionise irrigation.

Digging a trench across a paddock may seem fairly simple, and in theory it is as long as you dig in a straight line.

Irrigation installers have relied on a number of manual approaches to digging trenches and have even used laser-based systems to ensure their machines follow the required grade, normally 0.1 per cent (or 10cm fall in 100m of drain) but with new GPS-based system, Complete Irrigation Solutions aims to bring a whole new level of sophistication with precision.

Whilst a laser system utilises a transmitter situated in the corner of a field, which emits a beam of light set to a certain grade according the survey, and a receiver fitted to the trenching machine is then controlled to follow this grade via solenoid valves.

Where GPS comes in and beats laser is in versatility, weather resistance and overall cost savings for the customer. Laser beams can be distorted by wind, rain, snow, sleet and fog as the beam is interrupted, but GPS does not possess these frailties.

The in-cab screen highlights each run and shows a visual profile of it, with required grade, optimal depth, minimum and maximum depth, and the surface level also on display.
GPS-based control will potentially revolutionise the irrigation industry, in much the same way as lasers did, as it offers a simpler and more cost effective method of digging trenches. It also ensures the irrigation trench is right first time, every time further saving costs.

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