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Rainwater Harvesting

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rainwater harvesting

Melbourne is now in its highest rainfall period of the year, with September through to December all averaging over 58mm per month. Now is the time to check on, upgrade or install your new rainwater harvesting system to ensure that you and your garden survives the long, hot summer ahead.

Complete Irrigation Solutions has the experience and expertise to design a basic rainwater harvesting and irrigation system for a veggie patch through to an intricate irrigation system for gardens and lawns, call in and speak to us today. Whether it is a storage tank, rain-to-main change over device and pump or an irrigation system Complete Irrigation Solutions has you covered. We have the full range of pumps, sprinklers, pipes and fittings, as well as rainwater tanks, controllers and sensors along with the expertise to ensure that you have an efficient and productive watering system.

Spring brings rain, sunshine and warmer days resulting in new life in the garden, nurture the new growth by providing it with all that it needs to make it through the hot summer months approaching fast.

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