Complete Irrigation Solutions

Water Tanks & Harvesting

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Complete Irrigation Solutions supply and install a wide range of water tanks for a variety of purposes. As every situation is different, choosing the right tank is critical. This is not only about size, but also shape, underground or above ground, materials such as polyethylene, metal or bladder, and even the colour. The tanks we can supply and install range in size from 330L to the largest on the market so there is one for every possible water storage purpose.

Complete Irrigation Solutions also has extensive experience in design, supply and installation of water harvesting projects. Whilst the drought may have broken, there are still compelling reasons to harvest water that would otherwise go to waste. We can design and install systems that collect water from roofs, drains, pits and areas such as car parks. Water can then be filtered or treated and then stored either temporarily or permanently. Call us now on (03) 9799 4444 or click here to make an email enquiry.